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Dongguan is a newly-rising industrialized city in China, which is well-known for its developed manufacturing and industrial chain. Meanwhile, it is an international manufacturing base with pillar industries of electronic information, communication equipment, textile and garment, furniture, building material, toy, paper-making, food and beverage, hardware and plastics, etc. Take Dongguan’s IT industry for example, more than 3700 enterprises establish an important manufacturing base and sourcing center of IT products in the world.


Question One:
For the project encouraged by the state to develop, whether the foreign investment related enterprise could market all the products domestically or not? If could, whether the import tax for production equipments exempted before should be supplemented or not?
Question Two:
What are the criteria for determining a project for foreign investment pertaining to the category encouraged by the state to develop?
Question Three:
What is the difference between registered capital and total investment? What do those concepts mean?
Question Four:
We are going market our product in China. So the question is how many taxes we have to stand?
Question Five:
I have just spent few days in Dongguan with a vision to open a factory here. Unfortunately, there are so many stuffs to handle but I do not have enough time. Is there an agency for enterprise registration handling on assignment in Dongguan to spare much time?
Question Six:
Is it compulsory for the registered capital to be proportionate to the total investment for foreign investment enterprise?
Question Seven:
What are national stipulations about capital contribution term for foreign investment ventures?
Question Eight:
What are the procedures for establishment of foreign investment related ventures in Dongguan?
Question Nine:
What documents are needed when establishing a factory in Dongguan?
Question Ten:
What documents must be prepared and submitted for a foreign corporation to set up a manufactory in Dongguan?
Question Eleven:
I am planning to increase investment in Dongguan and how to do that?