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Production of the new electronic devices and components

Description of project This project mainly produces components and parts, control and choose the components, mix integrated circuit, electric electronic device, new electromechanical component in sensitive components and parts and transducer.
Cooperation form Joint-venture, cooperation, leasing
Intended duration of cooperation Depend on project investment situation
Total investment Depend on project investment situation
Chinese contribution put in fund or land
Foreign contribution Put in fund and technology
Estimated time for reimbursement Depend on project investment situation
Project site in the XiCheng Technology Zone of HengLi town of Dongguan
Infrastructure conditions Factory building, open water, energizing, communication, road, etc..
Project progress  
Category The electron and communication equipment manufacturing industry
Contact person wu Guobang
Tel 83371829
Fax 83718899
Description of Chinese Partner It is a comprehensive new and high technology garden, have made relevant regulations encouraging being developed and constructed.
Company name  
Founding Date  
Registered capital  
Processing capability  
Area of factory  
Number of staff  
Number of technician  
Technological &operation conditions The XiCheng Technology Zone is facilitated with all necessary utilities and infrastructure. It is also just next to the exit if the Eastern Highway .


Dongguan is a newly-rising industrialized city in China, which is well-known for its developed manufacturing and industrial chain. Meanwhile, it is an international manufacturing base with pillar industries of electronic information, communication equipment, textile and garment, furniture, building material, toy, paper-making, food and beverage, hardware and plastics, etc. Take Dongguan’s IT industry for example, more than 3700 enterprises establish an important manufacturing base and sourcing center of IT products in the world.

What's New

Mayor of Dongguan city, Yuan Baocheng, met the Hungarian delegation led by Istvan Uihelyi, vice chairman of Hungary Parliament, on November 18th.
China Foreign Trade E-Commerce Meet ing & The 2nd FTF Annual Meeting 2012 was held in Song Shan Lake, central part of Dongguan city, on November 8th.
China Processing Trade Products Fair (CPTPF), held from September 16 to 19, consisted of 10 special events such as the high-level forum for development of processing trade, high-level dialog of circulation trade enterprises and processing trade enterprises and procurement linkage, which increased the influence and effectiveness of CPTPF and achieved a win-win deal.
Humen Port succeeded in attracting the project of South China Petrochemical Trading Center, up to 3 billion RMB, at a recent promotion in Shenzhen.