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Costs & Charges

NO. Items Contents Notes
1-1 Land Use Land use right Dongguan land administration authority stipulates 50 year's land use right *These fees are slightly different in various areas and need to be confirmed.
Land use fee About USD 18~~~36/m2
Renting buildings Local governments build the factories according to investor's requirements
Land rental fee USD 0.24~~~0.36/m2.month
Standard building's requirements about170m(L)×20m(W)×4m(H)、3floors、maximum loading weight 500~700kg/m2
Standard rental fee USD 0.97~~~1.20/m2.month
1-2 Building factories Which company Investors can select the architecture company to build factories for them  
How long It take about 6 months to complete the construction
Construction fee For standard factory RMB600/m2
1-3 Price of electricity USD 0.08~~~0.10/kwh(for industrial use) Price might be slightly different from each town
1-4 Price of water USD 0.13~~~0.18/m3(for industrial use)
1-5 Fee for Sewage Treatment USD 0.04/m3  
1-5 Charges for Telecom Fee for Installing telephone line USD 36/line,monthly rental fee USD 2.20/month
How is it charged Local call Fee of the first 3 minutes totally USD0.026,from the 4th minute USD0.0133/min
National call USD 0.0085/6seconds
International call USD 0.096/6 seconds
Fee for calling Hong Kong Macao Taiwan USD 0.024/6 seconds
ADSL Tyoe 1 Installation fee USD48.20/line USD10.85/60hrs Minimum Charge
Type 2 Installation fee USD120.50/line USD108.5/month
ISDN Installation fee USD36.15/line USD0.50hr  
IP phone fee National call USD 0.036/min
Calling Hong Kong Macao Taiwan USD 0.18/min
America、Canada USD 0.29/min
UK、France、Italy、Germany、New Zealand、Korea、Japan, ect. USD0.434/min
Other countries USD0.555/min
DDN Digital Line Monthly fee(USD) Speed(Bps) 64K 256K 1M Installation fee:USD120/port
Local 241 386 904
National 422 663 1084
HK Macao Taiwan 1048 1602 2867 INstallation fee:USD240/port
Other countries in Asia 3554 5361 10000
Europe、USA、Australia、Africa 3675 5482 10361
1-6 Labor Cost Human resource Plentiful supply of labor resource in Guangdong province and other neighboring provinces.(5 million non-Dongguan labour, educated workers, 300 thousand mid/high-level managers and technicians)
Language Mandarin、Cantonese
Average monthly salary undergraduates:USD180/mon,junior college graduates:USD120/mon,ordinary workers:USD60/mon,Management Staff:USD240/mon Dongguan: RMB 690 Shenzhen urban: RMB 810
Shenzhen rual: RMB 700
Guangzhou: RMB 780
Over time Weekdays' OT pay 1.5 times the normal payment Weekend's OT pay 2 times normal payment 3 times in holidays Stipulated by national laws
meals,housing Employer provides Common situations
Employment After 3~6 month's probation, sign contract.
Maximum working hours 40 hours/week Stipulated by national laws
Maximum Over Time 36 hours/month
Social Insurance Endowment Insruance Pay 18% of monthly salary, in which employer pays 10%,employee pays 8% Stipulated by national laws
Industrial injury insruance Employer pay 0.5%~~1.5% of employee's monthly salary
Bearing Insurance Employer pay 0.5% of employee's monthly salary
Unemployment insurance Pay 2% of monthly salary,in which employer pays 5%,employee pays 0.5%
Medical Insurance Employer pay 2% of employee's monthly salary
1-7 Supply of accessory products Plentiful supply of electronic accessories. Local manufacturers supply 95% of the PC products.  
1-8 Time for applying Business license One month if all the necessary documents are ready


Dongguan is a newly-rising industrialized city in China, which is well-known for its developed manufacturing and industrial chain. Meanwhile, it is an international manufacturing base with pillar industries of electronic information, communication equipment, textile and garment, furniture, building material, toy, paper-making, food and beverage, hardware and plastics, etc. Take Dongguan’s IT industry for example, more than 3700 enterprises establish an important manufacturing base and sourcing center of IT products in the world.