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FIPC is a quasi-governmental organization for investment promotion, which was established by Dongguan Municipal Government in October, 2001.

The setup of FIPC is a significant measure taken by the government in the tide of economy globalization together with the development of Dongguan. FIPC aims to introduce more high quality foreign investment to Dongguan and provide high-level services for investors as well. FIPC will endeavor to develop itself to be a professional organization and upgrade the city's promotional work in attracting foreign investment.

FIPC is responsible for introducing Dongguan's investment environment, organizing various promotional activities to attract more prospective investors to Dongguan. Meanwhile, as bridge linking Dongguan Municipal Government with foreign investors, FIPC commits itself to providing excellent services for overseas investors, collecting feedback from foreign-funded enterprises in Dongguan and helping them coordinate with administrative departments so as to resolve the difficulties probably encountered during their establishing, operation and daily life. Additionally, FIPC plans to set representative offices overseas to constitute an investment promotion network both domestically and abroad.

We sincerely hope that FIPC will be a true friend of all investors.

Director of Dongguan Foreign Investment Promotion Center

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Dongguan Located on the east bank of Pearl River Delta and middle-south of Guangdong Province, Donguan stands between the cities of Guangzhou and Shenzhen. It takes only 1.5 hours’ drive to Hong Kong. Since 1979, Dongguan’s annual GDP has witnessed an average growth rate of over 20%, being one of the cities with fastest economic development in China. In 2010, the city’s GDP reached RMB424.6 billion, ranking the 4th regarding total economic output, accounting for about 10% of the provincial total.

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Starting with incoming material, sample processing and compensation trade, Dongguan gradually shifted its focus to Sino-foreign joint ventures, Sino-foreign cooperative businesses and foreign-wholly-owned enterprises. By the end of 2010, the actual amount of foreign investment utilized by Dongguan accumulated to USD 54.17 billion.

At present, there are approximately 13,000 foreign enterprises in Dongguan, including 50 world top-500 enterprises. Investors mainly come from more than 30 countries and regions such as Japan , Korea , Singapore , USA , UK , Germany , France , Swiss, Netherlands , Finland , Australia , Hong Kong , Taiwan , and so on. Meanwhile, a modern industrial system that covers electronics, machinery, garment, food, plastics, chemical, furniture, medicine and construction material, etc., has formed to be the backbone of Dongguan's economy.

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Dongguan is a newly-rising industrialized city in China, which is well-known for its developed manufacturing and industrial chain. Meanwhile, it is an international manufacturing base with pillar industries of electronic information, communication equipment, textile and garment, furniture, building material, toy, paper-making, food and beverage, hardware and plastics, etc. Take Dongguan’s IT industry for example, more than 3700 enterprises establish an important manufacturing base and sourcing center of IT products in the world.

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Mayor of Dongguan city, Yuan Baocheng, met the Hungarian delegation led by Istvan Uihelyi, vice chairman of Hungary Parliament, on November 18th.
China Foreign Trade E-Commerce Meet ing & The 2nd FTF Annual Meeting 2012 was held in Song Shan Lake, central part of Dongguan city, on November 8th.
China Processing Trade Products Fair (CPTPF), held from September 16 to 19, consisted of 10 special events such as the high-level forum for development of processing trade, high-level dialog of circulation trade enterprises and processing trade enterprises and procurement linkage, which increased the influence and effectiveness of CPTPF and achieved a win-win deal.
Humen Port succeeded in attracting the project of South China Petrochemical Trading Center, up to 3 billion RMB, at a recent promotion in Shenzhen.


Question One:
For the project encouraged by the state to develop, whether the foreign investment related enterprise could market all the products domestically or not? If could, whether the import tax for production equipments exempted before should be supplemented or not?
Question Two:
What are the criteria for determining a project for foreign investment pertaining to the category encouraged by the state to develop?
Question Three:
What is the difference between registered capital and total investment? What do those concepts mean?
Question Four:
We are going market our product in China. So the question is how many taxes we have to stand?
Question Five:
I have just spent few days in Dongguan with a vision to open a factory here. Unfortunately, there are so many stuffs to handle but I do not have enough time. Is there an agency for enterprise registration handling on assignment in Dongguan to spare much time?
Question Six:
Is it compulsory for the registered capital to be proportionate to the total investment for foreign investment enterprise?
Question Seven:
What are national stipulations about capital contribution term for foreign investment ventures?
Question Eight:
What are the procedures for establishment of foreign investment related ventures in Dongguan?
Question Nine:
What documents are needed when establishing a factory in Dongguan?
Question Ten:
What documents must be prepared and submitted for a foreign corporation to set up a manufactory in Dongguan?
Question Eleven:
I am planning to increase investment in Dongguan and how to do that?